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Don't Let Your Voice or Your Life's Work be Silenced ... MAKE A WILL

We often postpone or avoid writing wills or other documents related to estate planning. For some reason, to some it feels overwhelming; others feel they have so little it really doesn't matter. But it does matter. Having a carefully thought out estate plan is the only way to make sure that whatever you have, whether it is one book or an extensive collection, one poem or a body of literary works, a few dollars or a large sum of money, it goes where you want it to go at your death.

Without a will, all your property could revert to distant, uncaring or even rejecting relatives or to the state. Please make a will to keep this from happening. To ensure that your will is legally valid and fully enforceable we strongly recommend that you consult with an attorney.

Help us to help prepare for the future growth and the financial continuity of the Archives. Let us know if you have included the Archives in your estate planning. If you share this information with us not only will it help us know our future is more secure because of your financial commitment to our work, it will also help us make sure that what your want to happen with your personal materials does happen.

Financial donations can be made in various forms such as bequests of specific amounts of cash, as a bequest of a part of one's estate and or a bequest of a particular asset, such as real estate/or stocks. LHEF, Inc., our legal name, can also be named as a beneficiary or a contingent on a life insurance policy, retirement plan, or an annuity.

Donations of books, records, tapes, photographs, art work and other personal letters, papers and property can also be left at a bequest to the Archives. The more exacting the detailing the will, the less the chance of materials being lost or destroyed.

Unpublished papers and manuscripts present particular issues for authors. The physical body of materials may be donated regardless of literary or publishing control. Issues of literary executorship need to be spelled out if they are concern to you as an author. These issues in particular are ones that should be discussed with a knowledgeable attorney.

When making a bequest it is best to use our legal name: Lesbian Herstory Educational Foundation, Inc. as well as our legal address: 484 14th Street Brooklyn, New York 11215. Also, you may be asked for our EIN (Our Employer Identification Number) which is 13-2991538.


The following forms may serve as guidelines for you and your attorney in the preparation of your will.

Bequest Forms
For a Specific Bequest, of a stated amount of cash or named piece of property, or possessions:
I have and bequeath the sum of $_______ to The Lesbian Herstory Educational Foundation, Inc., of New York, New York for the general purposes and use of LHEF, Inc.

I have and devise to The Lesbian Herstory Educational Foundation, Inc., of New York, New York all right, titles and interest owned by me at the time of my death in the land and buildings situated at ___________________.

For a Residuary Bequest, or everything remaining in your estate after administrative expenses and taxes, etc., and specific bequests to other beneficiaries:
I give, devise and bequeath to The Lesbian Herstory Educational Foundation, Inc., of New York, New York all the rest, residue and remainder of my estate.

For a Contingent Bequest, that takes effect only in the event of a prior death of other beneficiaries, (e.g.. you intend to leave everything to your lover, but she dies before you, in which case you want your estate to go to the Archives).
If (Name/Names of beneficiary) does not survive me, then I give, devise and bequeath all the rest, remainder and residue of my estate to The Lesbian Herstory Educational Foundation, Inc.

A contingent beneficiary is especially important if you want to be sure your estate does not go to distant relatives or the state.

We hope these suggestions will help you with your estate planning.

Links for Supporting the Archives:       financial | materials  |  forms