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Support: The Future

While we are conservative in our spending, keeping ourselves debt free and only doing those projects for which we have money available, we do have our dreams for the future.

We have always held community cultural events at the Archives. However, they have been limited by our limited space. And, we have already outgrown our present building even for archival storage (we rent storage space elsewhere). So one of our dreams is to own a second building nearby, one which would give us additional space for our collection, and, in addition, a space large enough for cultural events (theatre and dance performances, for e.g.) along with a large gallery space for exhibitions.

On a more modest level we would love to be able to put all of our databases onto the Internet, so they could be accessible to people around the world. The project would require money for ongoing technological support and for the software and hardware.

Many researchers come to the Archives from outside of New York City. They sometimes need to use our collections for weeks, even months, at a time. It would be wonderful to be able to offer them living space on a short term basis at an affordable price (always more if you can and less if you can’t). This might be a space in our second building or simply an apartment we could rent nearby on a yearly basis.

While we continue to dream about possible futures for the Archives, we will also continue to be fiscally responsible and to seek funding sources for our current work.

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